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Shabti Egyptian Ancient Faience Ushabti Bc Rare Period Late Hieroglyphic Egypt For Sale

Shabti Egyptian Ancient Faience Ushabti Bc Rare Period Late Hieroglyphic Egypt

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Shabti Egyptian Ancient Faience Ushabti Bc Rare Period Late Hieroglyphic Egypt :

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Basic information

length :20 cm

width:6.5 cm

weight :295 gm

Historical overview

The ushabti was a funerary figurine used in ancient Egyptian religion. Ushabtis were placed in tombs among the grave goods and were intended to act as servants or minions for the deceased, should they be called upon to do manual labor in the afterlife. The figurines frequently carried a hoe on their shoulder and a basket on their backs, implying they were intended to farm for the deceased. They were usually written on by the use of hieroglyphs typically found on the legs.They carried inscriptions asserting their readiness to answer the gods' summons to work.The practice of using ushabtis originated in the Old Kingdom of Egypt (c. 2600 to 2100 BCE), with the use of life-sized reserve heads made from limestone, which were buried with the mummy.Most ushabtis were of minor size, and many produced in multiples – they sometimes covered the floor around a sarcophagus. Exceptional ushabtis are of larger size, or produced as a one-of-a-kind master work.

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