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shungite pyramid Saqqara 100mm (3.94") + shungite sphere 100mm (3.94")+stand set For Sale

shungite pyramid Saqqara 100mm (3.94

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shungite pyramid Saqqara 100mm (3.94") + shungite sphere 100mm (3.94")+stand set:

thank you for your attention!shungite pyramid Saqqara 100mm (3.94") + shungite sphere 100mm (3.94")+stand setKarelia Russiaall the products are handmadeyou get what you see in the photo,the tool can not be measured, it does not grab the middle of the sphere (photo). however the margin suggests a full 100 mm.the pyramid of Saqqara is smooth, the slots are made carefully, the size is exactly 100 mm.the stand is ordinary, with a through hole
About the mysterious properties of the pyramids as geometrical shapes has long been known. The pyramid, being simultaneously both antenna and resonator, is a retransmitter of certain energy flows connected with processes taking place in space.In the pyramids from shungite magic power of the pyramid is multiplied by the extraordinary properties shungite rocks: the body charged with bio-energy space, the capacity of which is many times greater than the earth.
The action of the shungite pyramid is multifaceted, it charges the body with vital energy, protects against harmful environmental effects, relieves pain and has a therapeutic effect.For medicinal purposes it is sufficient to make a pyramid base to the affected area and keep for 15-20 minutes several times a day. In this case, note that the top of the pyramid should not be directed at the people around you, animals and plants.To improve sleep in adults and children (especially babies) in a pyramid set near the bed on the nightstand or on the Desk at the head.The pyramid on the Desk of the student makes it easier to concentrate and faster to complete the learning task.Teachers recommend that you put a pyramid on the Desk during lessons at school.Shungite pyramid protects the premises (residential and industrial) from electromagnetic radiation of TV sets, computers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, electrical appliances.To improve relationships in the home and create a warm family atmosphere it is advisable to put the shungite pyramid in every room, especially the kitchen and into the bedroom.The presence of the shungite pyramid harmonizes in the office common space, disappear tension in the team, increases efficiency and resistance to stress.Meetings and business meetings it is recommended to install in the premises schungite pyramid.The radius of energy impact of the shungite pyramid is much greater than the radius of the pyramids made of other minerals.You can always ask your own question. good luck to You!

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