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Shungite pyramids "Three worlds" or "Cheops" amazing gift from Russia, Tolvu For Sale

Shungite pyramids

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Shungite pyramids "Three worlds" or "Cheops" amazing gift from Russia, Tolvu:

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The pyramid of"Three worlds"

"Yav","NAV"and"Prav"– the three fundamental concepts of the pagan Slavs, the triad is the state of the world, Triglav entire created world. (Slavs-Europe's largest ethno-linguistic community)."Yav"is a physical, dense world, mortal."Nav"– the world of the dead, the afterlife. ( God Navi)."Prav"is the upper world, which is only possible."Prav"is the abode of our bright Gods. Entrance to the dark Gods and evil beings there ordered. Only the brightest souls can enter this beautiful place.These are the three sides of life, the three worlds, which are separated by insurmountable borders and at the same time coexist together and inseparably.This unusual souvenir made of the rare stone Shungite of age than two billion years, would be an amazing gift or rare addition to your interior.
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