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Tales to Astonish #93 CGC 9.2 1967 1281840014 For Sale

Tales to Astonish #93 CGC 9.2 1967 1281840014

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Tales to Astonish #93 CGC 9.2 1967 1281840014:

Tales to Astonish #93 CGC 9.2 1967 1281840014

Published 1967 by Marvel

Grade: CGC 9.2

While we make every effort to note any significant damage to slabs, any CGC case may display minor imperfections including Newton rings, slight inner well scuffing (present at time of encapsulation), or standard surface wear (minor scratches/scuffing). If minor imperfections in the case are a concern to you, please look very closely at the item image before ordering.

Page quality: Off white to white

Cover by Marie Severin and Frank Giacoia. The Monarch and the Monster, script by Roy Thomas and Dan Adkins; As Namor battles It, torpedoes from the submarine cause an avalanche, trapping It; Namor turns on the submarine and begins to punch holes in it; It (the creature) returns and they battle, further damaging the submarine and (apparently) killing it;The submarine leaves (with the carcass of It) while Namor breaks off, feeling weakness overwhelm him. He Who Strikes the Silver Surfer, script by Stan Lee, art by Marie Severin; Having 'caught' the Silver Surfer (believing him to be an alien starship), Hulk starts a fight with perhaps the only being on Earth stronger than Hulk is; The Surfer, irritated, knocks him out, then probes Hulk to discover the reason for his belligerence and discovers the damage done by the gamma radiation; Just as the Surfer prepares to reverse the damage and return Dr. Banner's life, Hulk wakes up and, seeing the action as an attack, lashes out. 36 pgs., full color. $0.12.

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