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The Three Heavenly Blades (Oniyukiyasu, Kokuenra & Tenro) REAL Shihozume katanas For Sale

The Three Heavenly Blades (Oniyukiyasu, Kokuenra & Tenro) REAL Shihozume katanas

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The Three Heavenly Blades (Oniyukiyasu, Kokuenra & Tenro) REAL Shihozume katanas:

The Three Heavenly Blades are Battle-Ready, Full-Tang, Hand Forged Shihozume Katana Blades forged by Tsunami Tiger Katanas & have the signature of the Master Swordsmith engraved in gold upon the nakago.

The Legendary Oniyukiyasu(鬼雪安)

Serial Number: 00032 - - - - (7/100)

The Mythic Kokuenra(虚空煙々羅)

Serial Number: 00033 - - - - (5/100)

The LegendaryTenroKatana (天狼)

Serial Number: 00034 - - - - (8/300)

The Three Heavenly Blades

In Ancient Japan there were two highly venerated swordsmiths whose creations grew to legendary & mythic proportions. Masamune & Muramasa lived hundreds of years apart, yet legends persist that they met in a magical encounter to test the essence of their blades.

According to the ancient legend, Muramasa challenged Masamune to test their katana blades in a river with the sharp edge facing up stream. Muramasa scoffed his sensei & boasted how his blades would cut everything that floated down stream & Masamune’s blade did not even cut one leaf. Suddenly a tibetan monk appeared among them & told them that he had observed their entire challenge.

He pointed out that the Masamune’s blade cut everything but then mysteriously rejoined, making it appear that it was not cut in the first place. The monk remarked that the Muramasa was a demon blade & the Masamune blade was heavenly in the essence which was transmitted through the soul of the creator into the blade. Muramasa’s blade was a bloodthirsty blade that would force weak men to kill, murder, or commit suicide. Yet the Masamune blade enlightened the wielder to temper their strength & manifest a higher path of existence.

What the legends do not mention is what happened after the monk had spoken...

While the people that gathered pondered the wisdom of the monk’s observations as they walked home, the monk took the two swordsmiths down a path in the bamboo forests. He stopped in the heart of the forest & began to explain to them that they were both dreaming!!! That they had been called to forge three blades that would save the entire Oni empire from becoming the darkest force of fear & hate across all the dimensions of time & space.

Muramasa agreed to forge the swords until the monk told them that they would have to forge the swords together. Masamune asked the monk what was creating such a malignant effect on the Oni civilization. To which the monk told him about the Dark Lord. At one point, the greatest warrior of the entire Oni Army, but he was given a prophesy that no one could ever kill him except someone from his own bloodline. Since then he has killed thousands of Oni for the mere pleasure & sport of it. No one has been able to defeat him as he killed off his entire family & has been taking over the entire Oni empire.

Masamune said he would agree if the monk revealed his true form to them, to which the monk only smiled & manifested himself into a giant water Dragon from the ancient world. The Dragon explained how the Dark Lord would not only enslave the entire Oni race, but humans & supernaturals alike as soon as he was powerful enough. When the two swordsmiths tested their blades in the stream, they awoke the river dragon that had been sleeping there for millions of years.

Muramasa was caught up in fear when the monk showed his true form, but Masamune was calm & powerful facing down this celestial being. Ultimately, the Water Dragon explained that only a True Master could have awakened him, & to his surprise there were two!!! The Dragon told them how only when the destiny of the entire universe was at stake, he would awake to bring balance & restore the energy fountains.

The Great Water Dragon began to manifest his might & power as he told the two swordsmiths “Create two blades which will become one yet be forged as three” The two men were awed by the might of this immortal being who had chosen them to create these legendary blades. As they started to wonder what the riddle meant, the Dragon transformed into a blue Dragonfly that lead them to the secret entrance under a waterfall to the Water Dragon’s lair.

Inside they were amazed at all the tools at their disposal that ranged from the mundane, to the exotic, to the magical & straight to way too powerful to understand!! The two swordsmiths both wondered what this dream meant & when they would wake up??

But Masamune perceived that all three swords needed to be forged before they both woke up because they were in a wormhole between time & space for the sole reason of saving everything in existence.

They spoke with the Oni elders who visited them as they worked, along with many other Oni who opposed the Dark Lord. Many of the most noble of the Oni offered themselves to be forged into the blades, but they could only pick three.

The Oniyukiyasu: The first of the Three Blades to be forged, yet youngest of the Three.


The Kokuenra: The strongest of the Three Heavenly Blades & the oldest of the Three.


The Tenro: The mystery of the riddle of the Water Dragon manifest.


The Water Dragon returned when the blades were completed & inspected the very last detail, character, ability, power & performace of the katanas. Pleased with the work, & knowing that in the forging of these 3 katanas that balance would be restored. He blessed both swordsmiths with becoming the most famous & well recognized swordsmiths in all of Japan & the world for helping realign the energy of existence. To this day, both Masamune & Muramasa are considered the finest master swordsmiths that the world has ever seen!!

The Three Heavenly Blades forged by Tsunami Tiger Katanas:

These are the FIRST of their kind in the ENTIRE WORLD!!!These amazing blades have a LIVE EDGE (very sharp) that is created by1)Making the blades from several types of steel, hard steel for the cutting edge & a soft core to absorb shock waves during cutting2)The hard steel shell is folded several times creating over 30,000 layers of steel.3)The edge has an authentic Hamon line created by a tempering process so the edge has maximum hardness on the cutting edge. To further distinguish Tsunami Tiger Katanas from all others, they have a DOUBLE HAMON LINE exclusive to Tsunami Tiger. No other Red,Black, or Red-Black Katana Blade in the world offers these high-quality features made in the True Samurai way!!!

We are able to ship to the U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, & Germany. Shipping to Mexico & Brazil is also available (Some restrictions apply & shipping will take longer). Orders will include1)Entire set of The Three Heavenly Blades built with high-quality fittings2) 3Traditional Katana Wood Boxes3)3 Silk bag4)Certificates for blades & certificates for katanas5)Three Cleaning kits (without oil because of current shipping restrictions, but empty glass vial is included)6)Three Double sword stands.

These katanas are suited for Soft & Medium targets. Perfect for tatami matsbut is not recommended for Hard targets because it will damage the Red, Black, or RED/BLACK finish of the blades & lower the collector value of the blades.

Don't miss your chance to own one of these LIMITED EDITION KATANAS!!!There is a strict limit of only 300 Tenro, 100 Oniyukiyasu, & 100 Kokuenra that will be made!!! The signature of the master swordsmith & the serial number are painted in gold!!! No other red, black or red/black blade in the entire world comes close to the quality of The Three Heavenly Blades... none.

They say you have to be the FIRST to be the BEST.The Three Heavenly Blades are the FIRST of their kind & the BEST RED, BLACK, & RED/BLACK katana blades available in the entire world!!!Feel free to contact me about questions, suggestions, shipping, modifications, & comments about this extraordinary katana!!!

Shipping will take 10 to 15 days for shipping to Canada, United States, United Kingdom & Germany. Shipping to Mexico & Brazil will take 2 months due to import restrictions. EACH KATANA TAKES 15 TO 20 DAYS TO FORGE FOR CUSTOM BUILDS.Pictures of each individual katana are sent to buyer to verify details during the manufacturing process to ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction!!!

The Three Heavenly Blades have features that no other modern katanas have that distinguish it from all other katanas!!!1)There is not another single RED, BLACK, or RED/BLACK katana blade in the world that has the entire blade including the Full Tang handle (nakago) treated with the RED, BLACK or RED/BLACK finish. 2)The handle (Masamune Style nakago) & the blood groove (Muramasa Style Bo-Hi) are faithful tributes to legendary Master blade designs. 3)The habaki has the Tsunami Tiger signature available ONLY for Tsunami Tiger katanas. 4)The seppa have a unique star pattern design that you will find ONLY on Tsunami Tiger katanas. 5)The Traditional Katana Boxes are quality made in wood & features a safety key to open each individual box. 6)The signature of the Master Swordsmith is painted in GOLD on the nakago (full tang handle) in honor of legendary Master SwordsmithMasamune. 7)The Traditional Katana Box includes a 13 metal Tibetan bell to energetically clean the katana each time the Katana box is opened & closed.

The Oniyukiyasu, Kokuenra & Tenro are THE THREE HEAVENLY BLADES that according to legend were created Each blade will contain the legend of the THE THREE HEAVENLY BLADES printed on High Quality Japanese Design paper!!!

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