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Weird Science-Fantasy #28 CGC 6.5 1955 2043355020 For Sale

Weird Science-Fantasy #28 CGC 6.5 1955 2043355020

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Weird Science-Fantasy #28 CGC 6.5 1955 2043355020:

Weird Science-Fantasy #28 CGC 6.5 1955 2043355020

Published 1955 by EC

Grade: CGC 6.5

While we make every effort to note any significant damage to slabs, any CGC case may display minor imperfections including Newton rings, slight inner well scuffing (present at time of encapsulation), or standard surface wear (minor scratches/scuffing). If minor imperfections in the case are a concern to you, please look very closely at the item image before ordering.

Page quality: Off white

Cover art by Al Feldstein. Ad for Mad and Panic. "The Inferiors," script by Albert B. Feldstein, art by Wallace Wood; An expedition to find inhabited worlds finds nothing but destruction on planet after planet; The populations of all these worlds were of the same space-faring race, but the populations are now extinct, and the explorers don't know why; Then, they find an old recording that explains that the aliens had achieved their evolutionary peak and were now slowly devolving into violent beasts. "Lost In Space," script by Otto Binder, pencils by Al Williamson, inks by Al Williamson, Angelo Torres, and Roy Krenkel; Myra tells her father that she doesn't wish to remain on Mars any longer, but return to Earth to her Jim; One day, she makes the trip by herself...but Earth is not there! Ad for Piracy comic. "Round Trip," script by Bill Gaines (co-plot) and Al Feldstein (co-plot and script), art by Jack Kamen; All of his life, Henry was a dreamer, and his big dream was to be the Captain of a spaceship, or at least be able to travel into the depths of space. "The Trial of Adam Link," script by Albert B. Feldstein, art by Joe Orlando; Tom just inherited his uncle's estate, along with the robot, Adam Link; Despite the fact he is reasonable and polite, Adam continues to face persecution from humans; He even saves the lives of people trapped in a burning building, but nobody sees him do it; Finally, he is brought to "trial" to decide if he should be allowed to exist. 36 pgs., full color.

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