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White House China Abraham Lincoln Porcelain Platter Limoges Presidential 1st Or For Sale

White House China  Abraham Lincoln Porcelain Platter Limoges Presidential 1st Or

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White House China Abraham Lincoln Porcelain Platter Limoges Presidential 1st Or:

Up for sale we have a extremely rare White House China Abraham Lincoln porcelain Limoges Platter from the first order by Mary Todd. It was produced by the Havilland & Co. of Limoges,France. This is one of the 18 meat platters from the original 666 piece first order that she made at Haughwout’s in New York City. Subsequent administrations did some reordering to fill in for broken or missing pieces. This company had already had a plate that they exhibited at the Crystal Palace Exhibition in 1853 that was called the “Pierce plate”. This had what was a Napoleonic Style Eagle gripping a shield with U.S. colors, surrounded by clouds and with a olive branch to the left and a sheaf of arrows to the right with a blue border. Well, she liked the design but just asked if the blue could be changed to a “Solferino” color since it was the closest color to purple that was her favorite.

This platter was broken back in the 19th Century and rivet repaired as can seen. There is also a chip on the table ring. This could be professionally restored but this is the way we purchased it many years ago and have enjoyed it. We figured this piece is honest the way it is and the condition is part of it's history. Usually, the only way these pieces left the White House was because they were broken. It has an impressed mark on the back and pieces from later reorders were marked differently. Plates and cup and saucers from this service do show up occasionally but it’s very rare to see a platter. The last time I saw a platter sold was at an sale in Albany in 1992. It too was broken and had a 19th Century label on the back of a New York State governor. It was purchased by Paul C. Richards, a well respected autograph dealer and collector of White House China as well as other fine Americana. At that sale, my son Jonathan who was ten years old at the time found a broken "Pompano" White House China plate from the Hayes service. It had the red, blue and black mark on the back proving it had been part of the original service and not the ones you see on today's market that were made for public purchase. We found a few sale results of Lincoln plates bring in the $13,000 range through Heritage sales. It measures 7 1/2” by 11 1/8”. Please view my pictures for further condition and feel free to ask me any questions. Satisfaction is guaranteed. We have been buying and selling historical items for over 40 years and have handled numerous pieces of Presidential White House China.

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