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White House President Franklin Roosevelt World War II-RARE Short Snorter For Sale

White House President Franklin Roosevelt World War II-RARE Short Snorter

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White House President Franklin Roosevelt World War II-RARE Short Snorter:

Where can you find a historical document with Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt signatures among others with unbelievable provenance? I have only shown several of the pictures. There are a total of 17 pages of bills from various countries, most with many signatures, some front and back.

I have a fairly extensive presidential collection from my father in law, Sanford Fox from his 32 years working for 7 presidents. Mr. Fox worked closely with Jackie Kennedy to change the way the White House operates socially and he had a great impact. He was considered to be the best calligrapher in the world among his many talents. Sandy retired from the White House after 32 years during the Ford Administration. What most people do notknow about Mr. Fox , he became an original employee of both the CIG and CIA. His expertise in graphics led him to become involved in the U-2 program and other secret programs including the Bay of Pigs and his expertise was requested during the Cuban Missile Crisis.It is strongly believed he designed the CIA logo. The original listing of declassified OSS members included Sanford Fox and strangely his name disappeared from that list. We have not found out why.

The item being offered is a Short Snorter from the Secret Mission by Roosevelt in November-December 1943 to the Cairo Conference and then to The Big Three Conference in Tehran with Churchill and Stalin. This meeting planned the Normandy Invasion. D-Day in cooperation with the Soviets

A “Short Snorter” basically was a collection of currency (bills) taped together and kept with you. A club among the Army Air Corp.As you visited foreign officers clubs or clubs you were obligated to buy a round of drinks unless you had a bill already signed from that country. The longer your short snorter and the more signatures you had the more impressive it was. Important signatures on your short snorter of dignitaries was the most impressive. In addition to the "Big Three" are an additional signing by Winston Churchill on another bill, Chiang Kai Shek, Madam Chiang Kai Shek,, Admiral Leahy, Harry Hopkins presidential assistant to FDR, William Rigdon who went on to head the Secret Service. There are other important dignataries from this trip but I have not identified them yet. Othernames I have identified on this short snorter from other trips are Clark Gable, George Raft, Frederic March, Henry Morganthau (Secretary of the Treasury)

TheCairo Conference(codenamed "SEXTANT") of 11/22-11/26 1943, held in Cairo, Egyptaddressed the Alliedposition against Japanduring World War IIand made decisions about postwar Asia. The meeting was attended by President Franklin Rooseveltof the United States, Prime Minister Winston Churchillof the United Kingdom, and Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shekof the Republic of China. Stalinof the Soviet Unionhad refused to attend the conference on the grounds that since Chiang Kai-Shek was attending, it would cause untimely provocation between Russiaand Japan.

TheTehran Conference(Codenamed EUREKA) was the meeting of Joseph Stalin, Franklin D Rooseveltand Winston Churchillbetween November 28thand December 1, 1943in Tehran, Iran. It was the first World War II Conferenceamong the Big Three(the Soviet Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom) in which Stalin was present. It succeeded the Cairo Conferenceand was followed by the Yalta Conferenceand Potsdam Conference. The chief discussion was centered on the opening of a second front in Western Europe.

In the fall of 1943 Sanford Fox was working for Naval Air Transport Service (N.A.T.S) as a civilian employee flying missions in support of the war.

He saw an advertisement by TWA looking for applicants for a special mission. He applied and got the job as one of six crew members. The “job” as purser turned out to be the plane that took Roosevelt to Tehran for the “big three conference” that planned the Normandy Invasion. Roosevelt had taken a ship over from the US under secrecy and was picked up in Oran Algeria .Sanford was inducted into the Army Air Corp as a Lieutenant, served approximately 45 days and was honorable discharged.

The book is leather bound with the bills encased in plastic. The artwork and calligraphy were done by Mr. Fox himself. Another separate book has all secret orders, military documents, flight route maps, hand written flight log, seating for the Cairo Conference (Fox's first state dinner)and the pictures of the flight crew at the Pyramids and receiving their presidential medals. There is alsoa printedoral history interview from Fox regarding this trip that was done in 1979 in preparation for a book he had planned to write. Mr. Fox did not know he was picking up the President until he arrived on the tarmac in Oran, Algeria. However he had a clue since during training they had been practicing speed in putting up a ramp to the plane for Roosevelt's wheel chair. The signatures of Roosevelt and Churchill were obtained on the plane. Stalin was obtained in Tehran.

Since this item is of great value and historical importance please email me any questions regarding. Likely this item will be picked up or delivered by hand. We will make those plans at the time of purchase. NOTE: The papers sticking out are only paper tabs. They are only there to show where the important signatures are located. Funds will have to clear prior to delivery of this item

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