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XLarge Unique Signed Handmade Papyrus Egyptian King Akhenaten Painting...25"x17" For Sale

XLarge Unique Signed Handmade Papyrus Egyptian King Akhenaten Painting...25

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XLarge Unique Signed Handmade Papyrus Egyptian King Akhenaten Painting...25"x17":

XLarge Unique Signed Handmade Papyrus Egyptian King Akhenaten Painting...25"x17" XLarge Unique Signed Handmade Papyrus Egyptian King Akhenaten Painting...25"x17"

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You're currently viewing ONE OF A KIND High Quality Authentic Egyptian Papyrus Art painting Size 25" x 17'' ...VERY HARD TO FIND..... Fine Hand-Made Papyrus Painting Absolute Museum Quality. Each Piece is uniquely Hand made and had been skillfully painted by Egyptian artisans on the highest quality papyrus and are characterized by their uniqueness.

There are no two Pieces alike!

SIZE:  25" inches x 17" inches    (63 cm x 43 cm)
Origin :   Hand Painted in Egypt

  It's Signed By The Artist.  

 Historical Outline OF Akhenaton
 (Akhenaten) 1352-1336 B.C. 18th Dynasty

Burial : Akhetaten (el-Amarna); subsequently ? Valley of the Kings (Thebes) 
Amenhotep IV-better known as Akhenaten, the new name he took early on in his reign-ushered in a revolutionary period in Egyptian history. The Amarna Interlude, as it is often called, saw the removal of the seat of government to a short-lived new capital city, Akhetaten (modern el-Amarna), the introduction of a new art style, and the elevation of the cult of the sun disc, the Aten, to pre-eminent status in Egyptian religion. 
This last heresy in particular was to bring down on Akhenaten and his immediate successors the opprobrium of later kings.     The young prince was at least the second son of Amenhotep III by his chief wife, Tiy: an elder brother, prince Tuthmosis, had died prematurely (strangely, a whip bearing his name was found in Tutankhamun's tomb). There is some controversy over whether or not the old king took his son into partnership on the throne in a co-regency there are quite strong arguments both for and against 
A point in favor of a co-regency is the appearance during the latter years of Amenhotep III's reign of artistic styles that are subsequently seen as part of the 'revolutionary' Amarna art introduced by Akhenaten; on the other hand, both 'traditional' and 'revolutionary' Art styles could easily have coexisted during the early years of Akhenaten's reign. At any rate, if there had been a co-regency, it would not have been for longer than the short period before the new king assumed his preferred name of Akhenaten ('Servant of the Aten') in Year 5.
 The beginning of Akhenaten's reign marked no great discontinuity with that of his predecessors. Not only was he crowned at Karnak (temple of the god Amun) but, like his father  he married a lady of non-royal blood, Nefertiti, the daughter of the vizier Ay. Ay seems to have been a brother of Queen Tiy (Anen was another) and a son of Yuya and Tuya. Nefertiti's mother is not known; she may have died in childbirth or shortly afterwards, since Nefertiti seems to have been brought up by another wife of Ay named Tey, who would then be her stepmother. The cult of the Aten     The tenth king of the 18th Dynasty was perhaps the most controversial because of his break with traditional religion. Some say that he was the most remarkable king to sit upon Egypt’s throne. 
There can be little doubt that the new king was far more of a thinker and philosopher than his forebears.  Akhenaten was traditionally raised by his parents, Amenhotep III and Queen Tiy (1382-1344 B.C.) by worshipping Amen. Akhenaten, however, preferred Aten, the sun god that was worshipped in earlier times.  Amenhotep III had recognized the growing power of the priesthood of Amun and had sought to curb it; his son was to take the matter a lot further by introducing a new monotheistic cult of sun-worship that was incarnate in the sun's disc, the Aten.  When early in his reign he changed his name to Akhenaten, meaning “He Who is of Service to Aten”, he also renamed his queen to Nefer-Nefru-Aten, which is “Beautiful is the Beauty of Aten.” Payment
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