Time Warp Gallery Directory

Ancient Egyptian Influenced.

Limited edition lithographs.

1:47 B.C. Last Call

The Bored Room.

B.C. (Before Cable).

Wieners of the Gods

Tidal Dog

Ski Ægypt


Late for Work

The First Brunch.

Ship of Fools


The Graceland Papyrus

Tut Tubin’

Mass Transit

Hold the Anchovies

Will Work for Food

Modern Art Lovers

Old Pro

Tut’s Tour

Rush Hour

Twas the Age Before Christmas

The Sport of Kings

Teaching an Old God New Tricks

A Brief History of Felis Catus

Twokupamon Papyrus

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My Art can now be yours!



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Early works. 

It Gainith Power

Television Fallout


I Draw Breath at the Edge of Heaven


Caribe Mexico

Dragon Slayer

Home Cookin’


Pheasant Under Glass

Midnight at the Oasis