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2 deck set of Royales Playing Cards - Classic & LE - by Kings & Crooks For Sale

2 deck set of Royales Playing Cards - Classic & LE - by Kings & Crooks

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2 deck set of Royales Playing Cards - Classic & LE - by Kings & Crooks:

Youget 2DeckSet of brand newRoyales PlayingCards.

1xClassic Edition

1x\'Players\' Limited Edition

TheseDecks are new, unopened, and in mint condition!

GreatFeel and Handling

PerfectFor Magicians

PerfectFor Cardists

HighlySought After by Collectors


Anevening of thrill and fortune awaits you...

Alongthe glamorous French Riviera coastline of Monte Carlo lies anenchanting place. Set atop the sweeping curves of \'millionairesplayground\', it glistens in the setting sun like a desert mirage ofhidden treasure. Drenched in class, sophistication and prestige, it’sa place where the single turn of a card can make your wildest dreamscome true. The intoxicating thrill of risking it all and the rush offeeling alive. Here, nothing is impossible. Behind these doors justone night could change your life forever. Fortune favours the bravemy friends. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, but tonight?.... Tonight isyours for the taking.

Welcometo Royales.

TheRoyales are a luxuriously custom-designed deck of cards inspired byan unforgettable night of glitz, glamour and fortune at an iconic,fictional casino. Set in vintage-era Monte Carlo, they\'re an artisticinvitation to escape into a thrilling and prestigious world of chancethat exists behind doors off-limits to most.

Intricatelycrafted with undeniable character and flair, I wanted to create anelegantly playful but ultra-sophisticated deck that celebrates a fineline between modern-minimal and old-world-classic style.

Premiumcards fit for play at the elite high-roller tables of a vintage-eraMonte Carlo casino, an intoxicating grand place that attracts thebeautiful, the billionaires, the crème de la crème of high society.Exuding timeless class and high-end prestige, Royales Playing Cardsinvite you to embrace the exhilarating spirit of chance and seek yourfortune at one the worlds most luxurious casinos.

DeckFeatures – Classic Edition

  • Elegant vintage casino inspired back design and 54 custom illustrated faces

  • Classically re-imagined court cards with luxurious metallic gold ink accents

  • Bespoke typography designed in a classic style for all custom indexes

  • Printed at Q1 highest quality by the United States Playing Card Company

  • Pro-grade classic card stock with an embossed, air-cushion finish

  • Beautiful white & gold foil printing on tuck box with detailed embossing

  • Sophisticated matte finished tuck box card stock in midnight blue

DeckFeatures – \'Players\' Limited Edition

  • Casino style full bleed back design in deep scarlet Rouge and metallic gold ink

  • 54 redesigned casino style custom faces and courts with enlarged pip detail

  • Handmade bespoke typography designed especially for the Royales indexes

  • Shimmering metallic gold ink detailing throughout every face, pip and court

  • Printed at Q1 highest quality by the United States Playing Card Company

  • Premium grade “crushed” casino card stock with embossed air cushion finish

  • Cut traditionally for expert handling with table based card techniques

  • Housed in a scarlte rouge matte fininsh tuck box, gold and white foil stamped

  • Fine foil embossing all around the box plus a BLIND embossing design feature

  • 3-sided luxury wraparound deck seal in black, white and metallic gold paper


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