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Detente - Sacred Heart Shield (4 per order @ $3.75 each) For Sale

Detente - Sacred Heart Shield (4 per order @ $3.75 each)

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Detente - Sacred Heart Shield (4 per order @ $3.75 each):

Minimum of 4 medallions per order. Each medallion is $3.75 for a total of $15.

Sacred Heart medallion hand-embroidered from wool. Measures 2.5" x 2".The Detente is a small shield of the image of the Sacred Heart, that is typically worn on the chest, or kept in a purse or wallet. It is a sign of our love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and our confidence in his protection against the evil one.

The Detente is a devotion that originated in France. The literal translation of Detente is Release From Tension, or Relaxation. In English, it is known as The Stop.We say Stop in the name of Jesus to the anxiety, confusion and temptations from devil, so we can relax in his Sacred Heart. The Detente consists of a piece of cloth on which the image of the Sacred Heart was embroidered, with the legend: Cease, the Heart of Jesus is with me.

The Detente comes from St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, as witnessed by a letter addressed by her to Mother Saumaise on March 2, 1686 in which she says: "Jesus wants you to make a small shield with theimage of His Sacred Heart and give it to all those who want to offer Him homage by putting them in their houses, or by wearing them." She herself used one on her chest under the habit, and invites her novices to do the same. She made many of these images and recommended that their use was very pleasant to the Sacred Heart.

In the year 1720, there was a terrible plague in Marseilles, France. Venerable Ana Magdalena Rémuzat in a vision was given a message from the Lord about the devastation the plague was going to cause, and that the city would be protected by their devotion to His Sacred Heart. She and her convent sisters made thousands of these Sacred Heart shields and distributed them throughout the city. By a miracle the city was spared from the plague, and the use of the Detente spread amongall the faithful.

Among the gifts that Pope Blessed XIV sent to the Polish princess Mary Leszczynska on the occasion of her marriage to the King of France Louis XV in 1748, there were many shields of the Sacred Heart made of red taffeta and embroidered in gold.

The use of the Detente spread widely, especially since 1866, during the ravages of the cholera epidemic in Europe. Its beneficial influence was evident. In the Franco-German war, the Detente proved to be, on many occasions, a shield that protected French soldiers from harm.

In 1870, Pope Pius IX wrote about the Detente: "It is a heavenly thought: It does come from heaven.I give my blessing to this Heart and I want all those who conform to this model to receive this same blessing without needing any other. Furthermore, I want the devil to have no power over those who carry this Heart.”Pope Pius IX granted 100 days of indulgence to those who carry the Detente.

The Detente:

Is a sign of fidelity to the Heart of Jesus Christ.

Is a coat of arms that ennobles us.

Is a wall that defends us.

Is a magnet that draws the eyes and thanks of Jesus on us.

Is a lightning rod that removes from us the punishments of God.

Is a perennial prayer for us of Jesus, supplicating to the Father.

Is a heart that beats next to ours.

Shows the heroism of the devotees of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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