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Dinosaur King TCG Choose 1 Time Warp Adventures Silver Rare Foil Card from List For Sale

Dinosaur King TCG Choose 1 Time Warp Adventures Silver Rare Foil Card from List

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Dinosaur King TCG Choose 1 Time Warp Adventures Silver Rare Foil Card from List:

Card Selection from the Dinosaur King TCG Time Warp Adventures Expansion
Each purchase is for one card chosen from the list in drop down menu above the buy it now button. Each card isindividually priced (thepricewill show when a card is fully selected).
After selecting the card design you can choose the card condition (see below for my condition guide) you would like (if there are different conditions available) by changing the next drop down menu. To choose another card you will need to completely clear all the drop down menus to be shown all possible variations.
This one of two separate listings covering this set. The other listing/s can be found by following the appropriate links on the left of this page.
Combined PostageCard Condition Guide
There is no additional charge for extra single cards purchased from any of my listings. To benefit from the combined postage rule, please follow the steps below.
If more than one card is required (even if from a different listing), please do not go into PayPal to pay until all the cards you need have been added to the basket/cart (on or .com). This allows the correct postage rate to be automatically calculated by the system and saves having to enter your PayPal information for each card.
If the site you are using does not have the basket functionality it is still possible to make just one payment with the right postage – to do so you need to commit to buy each item and then navigate back to the listing and repeat for the next card. Once you have all you need you can carry on to PayPal and the system should calculate postage correctly.
Any extra postage payments made will be refunded.
Please note that higher value orders may be sent using a service requiring a signature on delivery (there is no extra charge for this).
I use three categories to describe the condition of the cards for sale; Mint/Near Mint, Excellent or Fine. Definitions of these terms are provided below.
Mint/Near Mint – A card with this condition has no more than very minor wear, which would usually be undetectable by the experienced. I only give this rating to cards I have personally taken from booster packs and placed immediately in protective sleeves.
Excellent – A card with this condition has wear that can be seen by the untrained eye, but only a very small amount. Slight edge wear and/or minor scratches may be present, but damage is only really noticeable on close inspection.
Fine – This card has obviously been played. It will have more minor defects. There may be quite a lot of wear on the edges and/or many scratch marks.

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