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Huge Handmade Papyrus Egyptian Winged Beetle Scarab Painting...32"x12" Inches For Sale

Huge Handmade Papyrus Egyptian Winged Beetle Scarab Painting...32

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Huge Handmade Papyrus Egyptian Winged Beetle Scarab Painting...32"x12" Inches:

Huge Handmade Papyrus Egyptian Winged Beetle Scarab Painting...32"x12" Inches Huge Handmade Papyrus Egyptian Winged Beetle Scarab Painting...32"x12" Inches

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** Huge Signed Handmade Papyrus Egyptian  Winged Beetle Scarab Art Painting...32"x12" Inches **


You are offerding on an Egyptian Papyrus Art painting Size 32'' x 12'' which had been skilfully painted by Egyptian artisans on the highest quality papyrus and are characterized by their uniqueness.

 It's Signed By The Artist.    The papyrus comes with a Guarantee Certificate that assures the Papyrus to be planted in Egypt and has the same chemical and physical properties that our ancient Egyptian Papyrus had. The colourful hand drawing is very impressive.    Perfect for adding life and color to your home or office. All our prints are of the best quality with brilliant colors.     This print makes a great addition to any collection.
It also makes a great gift.

Historical Outline Of Scarabs

The scarab beetle was revered as a symbol of the sun god and rebirth. They were believed to be the source of the power that makes the sun move across the sky and were connected with Kheperi, the god of the rising sun and resurrection.
Scarabs were buried with mummies. Small statuettes of scarabs were carved from valuable stones. The Egyptians worshiped scarabs as symbols of immortality because they entered the ground and later emerged again as if resurrected.
Scarab beetles are dung beetles. They feed on recycling plant matter and feces. Some have brilliant iridescent colors. African scarab beetles roll animal dung into balls, which are buried and eaten by beetle larvae. Their association with power and energy is believed to be tied to their energetic rolling of dung. Their connection with rebirth is tied to fact the bugs lay their eggs in dung, and are thus reborn from waste.
Dung beetles work by themselves or in pairs to build perfect balls of dung larger than themselves and then stand on their front legs and push and roll the balls of dung backwards with their back legs and then bury it. The dung beetle selects the least fibrous bits of dung for its ball. They bury tons of material a year, fertilizing the soil by entrapping nitrogen underground where I can be utilized by plants.
Dung beetles are thought to have got their start by feeding on dinosaur dung before moving on to mammals. Today they occupy an important environmental niche, moving dung underground, where it can be used as fertilizer for plants and can sprout seeds rather than staying aboveground where it can attract flies, diseases, beastly smells or be washed away and fowl waterways.

Some species cut out pieces of dung and roll it away for private consumption. Others dig under a deposit and draw it into their tunnels. The tunneling species have evolved horns which the use to protect their tunnels from other males.
Dung beetles bury the dung to keep it away from competitors and provide a safe place for their offspring to grow up. Females lay their eggs in the dung and the larvae fed on the dung until they develop into beetles.
The beetles do their work mostly at night when a ball is complete, a beetles moves it as quickly as it can to a shelter so the ball is not stolen by another beetle. Studies have shown that dung beetles are able to strike out in a direct line to their shelter when the moon is full but have difficulty finding the way on moonless nights. Further studies shows the beetles oriented themselves not to the moon itself but used moonlight to navigate their way. Payment
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