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Papilio memnon agenor blue black butterfly Malaysia framed For Sale

Papilio memnon agenor blue black butterfly Malaysia framed

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Papilio memnon agenor blue black butterfly Malaysia framed:

Please URL to my store home take advantage of a combined shipping discount add all items to your cart and pay for all together. Shipping and handling will automatically combine.If you have any questions or concerns about this item and before you leave any neutral or negative response please message me. I strive to make all transactions a positive experience for everyone! =)

If you would like data for the specimen (location of origin and date collected), please let me know and I will be sure to include it for you.Please note that the size of the specimen and frame is shown in centimeters via the ruler in the photo of this listing.If you would like more than the quantity available in the listing please message me to let me know as I most likely have additional stock.

The front of the frame is glass, the back is solid black, and it comes with a sawtooth hanger so it can be hung on a wall. There is a layer of cotton inside the frame to hold the specimen in place so it will not shift or break during transit. The specimen is not glued in permanently so the frame can be opened and the specimen removed if you wish to reframe, photograph, or use it for some other purpose. There are pins holding the lid to the frame in place. Take the pins out of the sides and carefully lift the lid off to remove the specimen.

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