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Rare Authentic Hand Painted Ancient Egyptian Papyrus-Nefertari Journey A life For Sale

Rare Authentic Hand Painted Ancient Egyptian Papyrus-Nefertari Journey A life

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Rare Authentic Hand Painted Ancient Egyptian Papyrus-Nefertari Journey A life:

Authentic Genuine Hand Painted Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Large Size 13"x17" - "Queen Nefertari and the Journey to Afterlife" Signed by the Artist- Great Christmas Gift - FromAncientEgypt

Authenticity & Quality

This is a High Quality Authentic Piece that can be Rarely Found. Fine Hand-Made Papyrus Painting Absolute Museum Quality. Each Piece is uniquely hand made, uniquely Hand Painted with Gorgeous FineGold Leaf and Gouache PaintColors /Signed by theEgyptian Artist “Adel Ghaboor”. There are no two Pieces alike!

This painting is one of our Egyptian Papyrus Painting Collection from the 1970's from Egypt

Gorgeous Large Painting with the finest high quality colors. Approx. Size 13.0” X 17.0”

Subject:Nefertari,the most beloved wife of Ramses. The name Nefertari means "themost beautiful of them". Ramses II has a tomb for Nefertariin the Valley of the Queens called by the ancients "The Place ofBeauty", this tomb is the most beautiful in the Valley of theQueens, and is on the whole worthy of her position in history. Thedecorative motifs on walls and ceilings are mythological and areconcerned with life in the netherworld, meetings with gods, deities,genii and monsters, and the entry into the realm of eternity. In thisscene Nefertari is represented always wearing long, transparentgarments is lead thru the afterlife, with offers of the lotus flowerand sistrum.

Artist: Genuine High Quality of Papyrus Painted by the well known Egyptianartist “Adel Ghaboor”. Very Impressive Colorful Hand Drawing w/ Beautiful Bright Colors

You’ll Get:
- The painting in the 1st image is the exact one you’ll get placed in a clear plastic poly bag

- Certificate of Authenticity Included

- Rolled up in a Cardboard Box / Pack

Condition: Because Papyrus is manufactured by hand, made out of Strips from the Papyrus Reeds, Papyrus is uneven paper w/ fissure edges as seen in photos, which share to its Attractiveness & Exquisiteness. But painting never mounted

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