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Signed - Funko Pop - Sharon Carter - The Falcon & Winter Soldier - Emily VanCamp For Sale

Signed - Funko Pop - Sharon Carter - The Falcon & Winter Soldier - Emily VanCamp

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Signed - Funko Pop - Sharon Carter - The Falcon & Winter Soldier - Emily VanCamp:

Welcome to our page, we have a broad selection of autographed celebrity memorabilia.
Each and every item available on our site comes with an official certificate of authenticity and is backed by our authenticity guarantee.
An independent expert has authenticated this item, Its been examined by an experienced professional who has pledged to provide an unbiased opinion with Authentic Origins.
We offer 100% money back Guarantee within 30 days of your purchase. We do this so you have time to easily go to a third party authentication service yourself if you wish.
Every Poster Print or collectible is hand signed in front of one of our celebrity specialist.
Please feel free to view the entire online shop for collectibles that feature a wide assortment of autographs from movies, television and music.
We make it a must that we ship within 48 hours of your purchase if at all possible, Funko pops will all be shipped inside pop protectors
and all posters will be shipped safely so that it arrives to you in pristine condition. We understand how important Memorabilia Collecting is to our customers.
Every Poster or photo is placed inside a hard shell plastic Top Loader or Frame. Every item will always be stored in a smoke free environment.
All my items come from private signings, premieres, promotional screenings and private collections.
The items we sell are obtained by myself and very reputable dealers we may purchase from.Nothing we sell are reprints, copies, or facsimiles.
Every item comes with a certificate of authenticity with a holographic locations number that is located through the Legitly online database.
each number belongs to an exact product that is placed in the database upon its authenticity approval the info will tell you every bit of information linked to that specific product.
The name of the collector where it was collected and if we happened to get extra photo snaps it will also be logged to that page as well.
We all work extra hard with constant travel and basically pushing our way into any and every event possible to find a way to give you the buyer the best Quality merchandise.
Please Have zero doubt when buying from us here at Coast2Coast. We love our clients and what we do. Thank you for your time.
This is a signed Funko Pop from The Series
Thank you for taking the time to view our products we appreciate you greatly have a Fantastic Day!!!

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