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The Falcon and Winter Soldier Captain America Vinyl Soda Chase guaranteed For Sale

The Falcon and Winter Soldier Captain America Vinyl Soda Chase guaranteed

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The Falcon and Winter Soldier Captain America Vinyl Soda Chase guaranteed :

Please Read before you buy from us.

We do not cancel pre orders. Yes, it takes time to get Funkopops in from Funko. We are a small retailer and do not have the contracts thebig retailers do. We get out pops after Funko USA gets them in stock. Then theydistribute to us. Stores can see Funko stuff 30 days before we do. If you arelooking to have bragging rights, you got a pop first. We are not the place foryou. If you are looking for a Mint funko, in a pop protector, then shipped withcare. We are your place. Please only buy from us if you are willing to wait fora pop to come in. We purchase and allocate stock for you, and it is veryunprofessional when we are left holding product. Our main mission is to getMint Pops into our collector’s friends’ hands. If you force to cancel anorder, we will charge a $1 relist fee to cover the credit card processing feeand listing fee does not give us back. We have this approve with . Wedo our best to keep everyone in the loop on orders. But with the massiveincrease of orders, it is hard. Please just message us about your item if youhave questions. We work normal 8-5 jobs, so we do this at night in our extratime.

Our Funko Items:

We purchase directly as wholesalers from Funko and EE. We donot resell Funko found in stores or in the wild unless it is exclusive to aspecific store (IE Walmart or Target). We guarantee every pop is in mintcondition, unless otherwise specified in the item title. Upon receiving itemsfrom Funko we do a deep inspection of the box and what we can see of thefigure. We do not remove regular boxed pop's from the boxes. We want everyoneto get a new Mint pop just like we expect when we purchase Funko. The Sodasthat are sold as a chase, common, or chase and common combo. The cans have beenopened to guarantee it contains a chase or common soda pop. We do not take themout of the black plastic to guarantee the pop is untouched. We look at the POGin the bottom to see what is in it. Some commons are factory sealed. As, oncewe find a chase, we stop opening the common cans. All boxed pops come with a Funko PopProtector unless not specified in the Title.

About US:

We are collectors who were tired of ordering pops andgetting smashed up boxes from big boxes and other sellers. We have beencollecting and reselling for four years now. We also collect and resell sportscards. We want our customers to have a great experience and receive mintcondition pops. We take great time in packing our items in double corrugatedboxes. We use bubble wrap and very strong tape to seal the boxes in a crosspattern.


We understand USPS, FedEx, and UPS can be hard on packages.If you are not satisfied with an item condition or if it was damaged. Pleaseimmediately contact us. We will make it right and get a new item to you. We donot accept returns for buyer’s remorse or the old "I accidentally boughtthis item." We also do not refund pre orders. If there is a delay inrelease of an item, we can refund an item if you are not happy with the waittime taking longer than specified in the listing.


We are not trying to eye gouge on pricing. We list the itemsand maintain pricing at the current Funko app pricing, recent sold prices,and poppriceguide prices. We do have to charge shipping on items. It is a factof life, it costs money for us to get an item to you. I wish USPS, UPS andFedEx would send items for free. That would be awesome. We do only charge forshipping what we are charged to ship the item to you. We do not make money offshipping. If you buy multiple items over 2, we will combine shipping and chargeaccording to the price to ship it.

Best Offers:

We make very little money off each pop we sell. We averagebetween $0-$1 per item. Chase and rare items can provide us with some extramoney to keep this adventure going. Wehave full time jobs outside of . We do this because we collect, use this tomake friends with other collectors, and get them the same mint product weourselves expect. We have on offers on for people who are planning on buyingbulk items. If we have baked in the shipping to the price and offer freeshipping or have charged shipping. We can adjust the price to save you onshipping cost. We will try our best to move a little on an offer. Please do notfeel like we are being unfair if we turn down and offer and do not counter. Weare doing the best we can with a very small margin.

Pre-Sale Items

When you purchase a pre-sale item, we order the item inadvance for you. We are on the hook for that item. We know some pre orders cantake some time, but we fully expect you to keep your pre order and not cancel.If you do decide to cancel at any time for any reason. You will be charged a $1relist and bank fee. This is our policy and has approved it. We will getyour order to you as fast as we can, in mint condition, with a pop protectorand shipped very securely. We expect when you pre order with us and we allocateitems for you. For you to honor your commitment.


If you cancel an order. On top of the fee. You will bereported to for backing out of an item and cancelling. You will be blockedfrom never buying from us again. We also will revise your response and letothers know you cancel pre orders and/or items. If we cannot fulfill an item.We will fully refund your item 100% and leave all positives.

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