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Westinghouse Micarta Duck Goose Echo XLT Calls Randall Knife Scales (1.5 sq) For Sale

Westinghouse Micarta Duck Goose Echo XLT Calls Randall Knife Scales (1.5 sq)

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Westinghouse Micarta Duck Goose Echo XLT Calls Randall Knife Scales (1.5 sq):

Please Note: We purchased all the remaining inventory from a South Carolina supplier who just sold out to us.This material is limited, scarce and rarely offered. Order with confidence.

Thank you for looking!

Please email with anyquestions.

Remember, why pay more whenyou don't have to.

There may be others whopurport to have similar material at higher pricing but in fact all they'redoing is gouging you.

This is vintage (late 1980'sor early 1990's) Westinghouse bleached linen micarta which was heat pressedinto sheets. This is the real deal. The block you see is 1.5" x 1.5" x5 5/8" long (almost 6inches long).

This is ideal for Duck orGoose Calls and knife handles or scales as you see fit. It cuts easily and polishes to a highshine. This is a rare and high qualitymaterial that is very hard but easy to form and work with.

You will not bedisappointed. We're here to assist youwith your Game calls or knife making hobby or profession.

We can custom cut to anydesired thickness, width and length; inquires are welcome.

Your satisfaction isguaranteed

We offer a complete refundif you are not 100% satisfied.

Micarta And Its Many Myths

What is micarta? The actualword and definition has become diluted through the decades since its inventionin and around 1911 by Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Micarta was actually produced as anindustrial laminate for electrical insulation.Soon afterwards it was started to be used as a decorative laminate andthus Formica was born. Both productswere marketed under the trade name 'micarta'.As such, it became used generically.Micarta today has been used by any laminated composite materialincluding glass epoxy otherwise known as G10.

Westinghouse produced whatis called 'antique ivory', better known as a grade FR-2 laminate. This was comprised of paper sheets which weresoaked in epoxy resin and then baked and pressed into huge sheets. The color was incidental as it was anindustrial product. Color was reallynever a goal of any industrial laminate.In fact, the color from run to run varied greatly. The purpose of the FT-2 was to be anelectrical insulator with different characteristics than the much more commonpaper grades which were manufactured with phenolic resins.

As for the asbestoslaminates we hear so much about, there were actually two grades. We believe neither of these two grades havebeen produced in the USAsince the mid 1960's or so. They wereindeed manufactured in Europe during the1970's. This material was for industrialuse as an electrical insulator as well.This material is extremely dangerous as it is asbestos based. Fortunately, little remains today.

The Westinghouse micartadivision was eventually sold to International Paper (IP) in 1995 and was run forseveral years. They manufactured thesemicarta laminates for decorative purposes while based in South Carolina. Eventually IP sold the facility and it wassubsequently sold again. It waseventually liquidated and sold off around 2004 or thereabouts.

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