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Yugioh - Competitive Deluxe Nephthys Deck + Extra Deck *Ready to Play* For Sale

Yugioh - Competitive Deluxe Nephthys Deck + Extra Deck *Ready to Play*

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Yugioh - Competitive Deluxe Nephthys Deck + Extra Deck *Ready to Play*:

Welcome toHuzTCG!You are offerding on the following Yugioh Deck (Note our decks are the best quality and value for money on all of . All cards are in NM condition):
Monsters - 231x Cerulean Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys - Secret Rare1x Disciple of Nephthys - Secret Rare3x Conductor of Nephthys - Super Rare3x Matriarch of Nephthys - Super Rare3x Defender of Nephthys - Super Rare3x Chronicler of Nephthys - Super Rare3x Hand of Nephthys - Super Rare3x Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys - Super Rare3x Eda the Sun Magician - Super Rare
Spells - 143x Last Hope of Nephthys - Super Rare3x Rebirth of Nephthys - Super Rare3x Ritual Foregone - Super Rare3x Onslaught of the Fire Kings - Super Rare2x Circle of the Fire Kings - Super Rare
Traps - 33x Awakening of Nephthys - Super Rare
Extra Deck - 21x Nephthys, the Sacred Flame - Secret Rare1x Nephthys, the Sacred Preserver - Secret RareShipping:All cards will be dispatched within a sleeve and sent in padded packaging within 1-2 working days after purchase is completed. All orders will be sent via Royal Mail and free shipping is offered to all UK customers.
About us:We are a fast growing, trusted company made from players/collectors and gaming enthusiasts just like all of you! You can rest assured that we have a passion for all things cards and game related and our passion translates into the service we want to provide. Our prices and quality of what we offer are the best on ! Rest assured that we will do everything we can to be a brand you can trust!
Our Service Promise:We aim to provide 5* service to all our customers and if you feel for any reason you we have fell short on this, then contact us and we will do our best to rectify this. All cards are in NM condition or better.

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