Guardian of the underworld.

  • Cult Center: Thinis, Lycopolis, quickly spreading throughout Egypt. 
  • Attributes: Guardian of the Necropolis (cemetery). He was the guide of the dead as they made their way through the darkness of the underworld. As a patron of magic, it was believed he could foresee a persons destiny, in this role he was the announcer of death.Anubis was the patron of embalming. He was also the keeper of poisons and medicines. He provided unguents and rare herbs to help Isis and Nephthys with the embalming of Osiris. Anubis then performed the funeral of Osiris, which would be the model for all funerals to come. As he received the mummy into the tomb, he performed the ‘Opening of the Mouth’ ceremony.In the “Hall of Maat”, Anubis appears on behalf of the deceased. It was Anubis who saw that the beam of the great scale was in the proper position as he supervises the weighing of the heart of a deceased person against the feather of Maat. The god of knowledge,Thoth, records the results. It is also Anubis that protects the dead from Ammut, the ‘Devourer’.
  • Representation: A man with the head of a jackal. A dog or a jackal. 
  • Relations: Son of Nephthys and Osiris, some believe him to be the son of Seth. Later adopted by Isis.

The next god is Aten.
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