Father of the gods
Cult Center: Throughout Egypt.

Attributes: Hapi was a very important deity to anyone living in the Nile valley. He was the god of the Nile, particularly the inundation, His followers worshipped him even above Ra. After all, without the sun the Egyptians would have lived in darkness, but without the Nile the Egyptians would have perished. It was believed that Hapi’s source was two whirlpools in the caves on Elephantine island. On his journey he was thought to flow through the Underworld, through the heavens, and then through Egypt. He was responsible for watering the meadows and bringing the dew. But most importantly he brought the fertile inundation. He provided food and water for nourishment and for offerings to the gods. As a fertility god he is associated with Osiris.

  • Representation: A bearded man coloured blue or green, with female breasts, indicating his powers of nourishment. As god of the Northern Nile he wears papyrus plants on his head, and as god of the southern Nile he wears lotus plants. He is often seen carrying offerings of food or giving libations of water from a vase. Sometimes he is pictured offering two plants and two vases, which represented the upper and lower Nile.
  • Relations: Husband of Nekhebet.
  • Other possible Names: Often confused with Horus’ son, Hapy.

The next goddess is Hathor. 
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