Great Cackler

  • Cult Center: Throughout Egypt.
  • Attributes: Geb was thought to represent the earth, he is often seen reclining beneath the sky goddess Nut. Geb was called ‘the Great Cackler’, and as such, was represented as a goose. It was in this form that he was said to have laid the egg from which the sun was hatched. He was believed to have been the third divine king of earth. The royal throne of Egypt was known as the ‘throne of Geb’ in honor of his great reign.
  • Representation: As a vegetation-god he was shown with green patches or plants on his body. As the earth, he is often seen lying beneath Nut, leaning on one elbow, with a knee bent toward the sky, this is representive of the mountains and valleys of the earth. He was often pictured with a goose on his head or as a goose.
  • Relations: Son of Shu and Tefnut, twin brother of Nut, husband of Nut, father of Osiris and IsisSethNephthys.
  • Other possible Names: Keb

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