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1984 Pres Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia Vintage Wire Press Photo For Sale

1984 Pres Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia Vintage Wire Press Photo

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1984 Pres Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia Vintage Wire Press Photo:

From an amazing collection of AP Laserphoto and Wire and glossy Press Photos from a closed newspaper archive we just purchased. These photos are from the 1940s to the late 1990s . All of these amazing vintage ap upi Wire Photos and Glossy Press Photos are part of a 100,000+ piece collection we just bought directly from a closed newspaper ( Please read below for information on photo types of press photos). Please email any questions before offerding.
Item for Sale: Wire Press Photo from Newspaper used for publication in the paper.
Person or Specific Information:Pres Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia
Date of photo: 1984
Size of Photo: 4 x 8
Printed on Info: Yes
Type of Photo: ( Either a Wire Press Photo laserphoto or Glossy Press Photo.)(A wire or laserphoto refers to a photo sent through the wire service like a fax machine and it will be brownish as it was printed out like a fax would be) (A glossy press photo is sent to the paper by a ad agency or other publication or taken in house by a photographer that works for that specific paper.Both styles are ORIGINAL and Not copies made at home. We guarantee our photos as listed. Especially from this collection as we bought them directly from the Newspaper that had closed.) : This photo is a ::::: Wire Press Photo
Inventory : LPP244
Condition: Generally the photos are in overall good condition and vary in browning or coloration due to storage and age. Most will have light edge wear from filing. PLEASE SEE PHOTO FOR MORE EXACT IDEA OF CONDITION
Shipping 5.00 in the US plus .50 each additional, Canadian will be 15.00 for the 1st photo and 1.00 each additional photo. Your items will ship wrapped in a BOX no envelopes.
Please email questions before offerding or making offers. We will be listing thousands of press and wire photos over the next several months dealing with pretty much every topic in a newspaper from local to national, from war and disasters to entertainment and sports. We do not know what is in each box so it will be listed as we open the box and pull the folders.

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