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Brockbank Triple Fusee Bracket Clock 1780s 8 Bell Chime Nest 1 Bell Hour Strike For Sale

Brockbank Triple Fusee Bracket Clock 1780s 8 Bell Chime Nest 1 Bell Hour Strike

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Brockbank Triple Fusee Bracket Clock 1780s 8 Bell Chime Nest 1 Bell Hour Strike :

John Brockbank Triple Fusee Bracket Clock

Circa 1780s to 1790s

8 Bell Chime Nest Hour Strike on Separate Bell Runs! London England

George IIIStyle

Item Description

Here is a great John Brockbank Bracket Clock for your buying consideration. Has a triple fusee movement.Would make a great gift for a special occasion, or keep for yourself!

This John Brockbank bracket clock was made in London, England. Done in a George III style. Appears to be circa 1780s to 1790s. This maker started using the name Brockbanks in 1806 on their clocks when the two Brockbank brothers started making clocks together, and then went under the name Brockbanks & Atkins starting around 1820.

Been dealing in clocks for over 35 years, and this is only the second one by this maker that we have had to offer our customers in that period.

This fine antique mantel clock is being offered to you at a price below what you would see in a high end sale house or clock shop, as we have been selling clocks out of our home for over 35 years. We can therefore better control our acquisition costs, keep commission costs low (if applicable), and finally, we don't have the overhead that the higher end houses and clock shops experience.

What a beautiful example of a English Bracket clock here with the 8 bell chime nest and a separate bell for the hour strike. In the George III Style. Great compact clock for the age of it. Almost dates back to the times of the American Revolutionary War!

This clock is not even listed in any of the clock reference sites we refer to, so may have been a special order piece. We found only one other Brockbank clock with a triple fusee movement for sale, and that has been completely refurbished and is listed for sale for $19,700. That other clock is estimated to be from 1830.

All the other Brockbank clocks available online are only two fusee movements and do not have the 8 bell chime nest. The double fusee Brockbank movement clocks available are listed for $6k to $12.5k, when we listed this clock online.

What is very eye catching on this clock is the porcelain face. Looks to be in very good shape. Some wear around the wind holes in the face.The movement back plate has the two legs to the back plate thatthemaker was known for. Also, the two bolts that connect the front to rear plate of the movement to each other has the round cannonball in the middle of each bolt. Same with the brass handle on the top of the clock. Matches up with pictures of other Brockbank clocks for sale online or on clock reference sites.

Smaller porcelain faces above the clock face for the the strike/silent switch and then the seconds hand. The hour and minutes hands are in mahogany veneer case with brass trim at the top and on the side of the front door over the face. The case shows some cracking of the veneer and some pieces missing on the front and back of the case. Beautiful brass feet on the case that appear to be original to the clock. There are 3 raised rectangular panels on the top of the case that are trimmed out in brass. A red fabric is in both sides of the case for the bell chimes and strike to easily resonate their sound.

The front door is firmly attached to the case that holds the glass. The lock for the front door works with the nickel plated key that came with the clock. Front door when shut does not sit completely flush with side of clock as bottom does. The back lock is no longer in the wood case. The glass on both the front and rear doors is intact, no cracking or blistering.

Great brass movement on this clock. A triple fusee 8 day movement. Check out the beautiful incising on the back plate of the movement. The springs and chains all feel intact when the wind arbors are wound. The movement is running the pendulum when wound, so in running condition from a time beautiful old brass key that has a lot of age to it for winding the three clock wind arbors. No markings on the key. Per a 2004 invoice that came with the clock at that time, the worn bushings were replaced, the movement was cleaned at that time and a fusee chain and one of the springs was replaced. All for $715!

The clock movement clicks before each quarter hour, but the chime movement, nor the hour strike go off when the movement reaches the quarter hour or hour. The movement has no maker name noted on the back plate of the movement. The code "LB326" was hand etched in the right top corner of the movement at some juncture. No numbering or notations on the pendulum bob.

The movement has an eight bell chimes nest and a separate bell for the hour strike. The pendulum is with the clock and suspension spring is in place. Lock bar for the pendulum is in place on the back of the movement and swings around to hold the pendulum when being moved.

The bells in the nest and the hour strike all ring true when tapped with the appropriate strike hammer. All the 9 strike hammers are in place. The strike hammer on the largest bell in the bell chime nest appears to have come unhooked from the mechanism that operates it as hanging loosely.

The rear door on the clock is in beautiful condition and securely attached to the case. The clock comes with the old brass winding key and the nickel plated key for the front door over the clock face.So, selling this clock in running, not striking, and not chiming condition.

All of the condition issues noted can be be addressed by a reputable clock restoration person.

The clock stands 17" tall (the handle when upright is 1.75" of that height), by 10.75" across, by 8" wide. Nice and compact for a clock of this age. The clock face is 6.5" across. The clock will be partially disassembled to more safely ship it to you. Also, the movement and pendulum will be taken out of the case and packed separately to reduce the weight of the package. The clock and the topper would be sent in two different packages due to the weight to more safely ship to you./ So, expect to have to do some re-assembly once you receive it. Let us know if you have any questions or need additional pictures.

Besides packing and shipping the clock to you, you are also welcome to come by our home to pick the clock up in person. We will also offer to deliver the Antique Clock within 350 miles of Wilmington, DE one way. Price would be $.70 per mile for the round trip delivery plus any tolls/parking fees.So, for example, if 40 miles to your property and $10 in tolls, it would be $66 (2*40*$.70+$10) for seller to deliver item to you.Should we agree to deliver this Antique Clock to you, and you decide to return the item or not accept delivery, for whatever reason, such delivery charges are not refundable.The pictures provided both complement and supplement the listing description, so please look at them very closely as well. With old items, there is no way one can capture all the little imperfections in words, so the two media are meant to be the full description.

As can be expected when dealing with an antique clock, some adjustments may be needed after shipping to get the clock re-running correctly again as they can be very delicate. If you have not had experience with old mechanical clocks before, I would suggest you steer clear. One really needs to have the patience, and skill to work with these great works of art. They are not our modern plug in and go, or change the battery clocks. Please ask any questions relating to this matter, before you decide to purchase it.

Make sure that this clock meets your needs and requirements before deciding to acquire it. The item can be returned, there is a 10% restocking fee to do so. So, please carefully review all the attached pictures,ask all the questions you have, come see in person or send a friend to see the item on your behalf, prior to deciding to acquire it. Don't be shy to make an offer, we are always open to reasonable suggestions!

Please check out our other Timeless Tokens store listings as we are regularly adding new items. We specialize in antique and vintage artwork, books, collectibles, furniture, musical instruments, paper ephemera, marine/nautical, and clocks. Thanks for your business. (B19006).

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