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Casper the Friendly Ghost #206 VG 1979 Stock Image Low Grade For Sale

Casper the Friendly Ghost #206 VG 1979 Stock Image Low Grade

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Casper the Friendly Ghost #206 VG 1979 Stock Image Low Grade:

Casper the Friendly Ghost #206 VG 1979 Stock Image Low Grade

Published 1979 by Harvey

Grade: VG

This is a low grade item. It will be complete and readable, but will show significant wear. Allowed defects for this grade include: spine roll, a moderate amount of staining or water damage, writing or other marks on the cover, up to one inch spine splits or other tears, a cover or centerfold that is detached at one staple, discoloration due to oxidation, and a minor piece or pieces missing. An item could be assigned this grade due to either an accumulation of minor/moderate defects or one or two major defects.

First 40-cent cover price. "Cardland"; The Jack of Hearts from Casper's solitaire deck asks him for help, so Casper follows him into the card and into a kingdom where the Jack is a prince and the Joker is scheming for power; The Trio follow through the card and take sides with the Joker. Untitled one-page story; While sightseeing in the mountains, Cousin Creepy gets bored so Casper tries to entertain him. "Ace in the Hole"; The Joker rejects the Trio for their incompetence, then disguises himself as the King to trick the Jack into a dungeon cell. "The Joke is on the Joker"; Casper frees the Jack and exposes the Joker's scheme to be crowned king. Untitled one-page story; Spooky checks out a store's grand opening. Untitled one-page story; A cloud tries to get Casper's help to become scary. "Spooky Meets Big Chief Bad Memory"; Spooky encounters a stereotypical Native American who has memory issues. 36 pgs., full color.

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