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Copper Giza 6 Feet Meditation Pyramid (fordable) For Sale

Copper Giza 6 Feet Meditation Pyramid (fordable)

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Copper Giza 6 Feet Meditation Pyramid (fordable):

This foldable Light weight Copper Giza Meditation Pyramid 6 Feet Base height is 47 inch . its can be easily carried and used as a foldable with carrying PVC pipe with end caps. The Package will include 4 copper pipes,( OD ~12.5 mm) ,Top connector, crystal filled ball. This pyramid can be assembled and disassembled within a few min, without any additional tools. Nubian pyramid acts as a powerful tool for meditation so that one can achieve deep meditative states very fast. It accelerates the process of healing/self realization on the spiritual, mental, and the physical levels. This complete pyramid set will be sent inside PVC pipe with end caps These packages will be dispatched from FedEx priority services within a day or two. Using our Copper Meditation Pyramid for a short time, may reap you below benefits Lowering your blood pressure Have More energy Detoxifying your blood Feel healthier Reduce stress Find inner peace Removes negative thoughts and toxins Feel more relaxed and calm Brings you self and soul awareness Transforms anger to compassion Focus more Helps you focus and concentrate Creates harmony with all living being Have clarity of mind Become non-violent and peaceful Transcends ego to politeness Feel balanced

NOTE we use 100% pure copper which will tarnish in time this pyramid is for Indoor use only. Depending upon the Folding, slope angle will change.

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