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MONTBLANC 2017 Great Characters The Beatles Artisan Limited Edition 88 117302 For Sale

MONTBLANC 2017 Great Characters The Beatles Artisan Limited Edition 88 117302

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MONTBLANC 2017 Great Characters The Beatles Artisan Limited Edition 88 117302:

MONTBLANC Great Characters The Beatles Artisan Limited Edition 88 Fountain Pen

Ref. 117302

Mod. M28717

Year of production: Dec. 2017

Limited Edition: **/88

All you need is love

The Beatles

The most successful rock band of the 20th century, The Beatles were a major influence in British pop culture between 1960s and 1970s. The Montblanc Great Characters The Beatles Limited Edition 88 (Ref. 117302) celebrates The Beatles ‘ mark on music history with its limitation to 88 pieces in memory of the year The Beatles were introduced into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1988).

Beatlemania really rose to a fever pitch when the band crossed the pond and arrived in the United States. The Beatles Limited Edition 88 pays tribute to that breakthrough by showcasing a British flag fittingly topped with a crown, a guitar, the Beatles’ signatures and portraits, the Apple Records label, and three bold words, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.” The words were taken from the cover of the Daily Mirror newspaper, which printed Yeah, Yeah, USA to announce the long-awaited arrival of the Beatles in America in 1964. The Au 750 solid champagne gold skeletonized overlay oncap and barrel features lacquer inlays, a clip with four charming mustaches, and a microphone-shaped cap top.

The original lineup of The Beatles (Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, Sutcliffe and Best) regularly performed at different clubs in Hamburg (W-Germany), during the period from August 1960 to December 1962.

Therefore it is interesting to note the connection between this Artisan model and the MB Meisterstück 149 Hamburg Special Edition PP. Both show the castle with three towers which is the embelm of Hamburg’ Civil Flag (Hamburgfahne Landesflagge).

From a Collector’s point of view the Great Characters Line is one of the most enjoyable Category. GC line is increasing its popularity year after year. Many top MB Collectors decided to invest on this specific series (both regular and Artisan) making it the “nerve centre” of their Collection.

The pen comes in as new condition (never used, never inked, mint). All original boxes and papers are included. Full set.

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