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O.J. Simpson family photos that he expected at the Vegas hotel: Nicole, kids etc For Sale

O.J. Simpson family photos that he expected at the Vegas hotel: Nicole, kids etc

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O.J. Simpson family photos that he expected at the Vegas hotel: Nicole, kids etc:

Jeez, where does this writer even begin with this story? Well, let's see, one of my best friends is in the antique and collectibles business. One day I went over to his house and was shocked to see that he'd just purchased thousands of personal photographs, negatives, and miscellaneous ephemera pertaining to O.J. Simpson and his family members and friends. As it turned out, my friend had bought all these articles from another guy who had purchased them at a public storage locker sale in Daly City, CA, back in March of 2003, this after O.J.'s mother had passed and the fees still in her name went unpaid. Previously, these personal items had been transferred to the locker after O.J. lost the judgmentin the civil trial. Years later, on 5/18/2007,I said to my friend, "Hey, you wanna sell the (expletive) O.J. pictures, this guy named Fromong's got the (expletive) not-guilty suit (seeattachment)." In a nutshell, I turned my friend on to the two sports memorabilia dealers (Bruce Fromong and Alfred Beardsley) who were kidnapped in Vegas.Yes, I inadvertently set the whole O.J. wrecking ball in motion. He didn't care about the signed footballs and all that other crap. O.J. just wanted his personal photos of his flesh and blood back (see the attachment that offers links [in print only] to O.J.'s Vegas parole hearing).

Although the deal fell through just hours before it was to go down, O.J. nevertheless had had his hopes set high on retrieving these treasured personal items, which were, again, the impetus for O.J. being in that hotel room in the first place. I now own the photos, having purchased them from my friend to show to Hollywood players in an effort to shock and awe, to ultimately garner attention for my two screenplays, ones I spent 25 long, hard, tragedy-filled years refining. The first script will save untold lives from suicide and cigarettes, while the second offers an indelible, age-old symbol of Mother Earth verses her eventual doom, when all that will remain is a naked, silent, most profound stillness within the immensity of space. Yes, this latter script's title, through its graphic arts design, would overnight become the Biblical poster child for saving our forlorn planet - a revolutionary, visionary concept like nothing I've ever seen.

Thus, I'd emailed O.J. at Lovelock Correctional Center, and his lawyer, upon O.J.'s release, was going to call a press conference in which I'd give O.J. back these photos. In exchange, I was going to tell Leonardo Di Caprio right then and there on TV that I was getting back to him like I told him I would back in 2001, just after he'd asked me if I had anything for him regarding my two scripts. This after I'd just shown him my huge black megalodon shark tooth that I'd purchased on for $400. As Leo stood there next to Gisele in anL.A. food market, I believe I told him, if memory serves, how Cindy wouldn't touch my six-incher (I showed the tooth to Cindy Crawford as well). Yes, there goes the guy who finally got an agent and sold his scripts by giving O.J. back his photos and getting back to Leo on national TV. Top that, Hollywood.

Oliver Stone calls me supercharged. Coppola, by certified mail the following day, sent me the quickest rejection I've ever gotten. De Niro, by evidence of his constant frown, was definitely not going to get back to me. What can I say, I've always run with Keats: "I would sooner fail than not be among the greatest." Emerson is another of the thousands that I've read: "Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet. Then all things are at risk... The very hope of man, the thoughts of his heart, the religion of nations, the manners and morals of mankind are all at the mercy of a new generalization." But since it's well known in megalomaniacal Hollywood that the smart ones never reveal, quoting Jim Carrey, "their true, I-am-the-center-of-the-universe sentiments publicly," the following thought is the one I want the reader to remember, from Hazlitt: "No really great man ever thought himself so." Anyway, Camp O.J. and I couldn't come to an agreement on the photos exchange. Thus, here we are, including past interest from sports memorabilia sales,48 Hours,National Enquirer, etc.

But let me emphatically state that I really don't want to sell the photos. I'd rather give them back to O.J., not even asking for what I paid for them. Like, I said, I'm a writer. And I know it's all about the story, and that concept is king.

The items include: photos of O.J.'s mother and father, brother, sisters, the kids, his wedding pictures, the pool being built at Rockingham, Nicole's personal pink stationary with her joyous writing of Sydney's birth, an O.J. Hertz car rental agreement, Marcus Allen (whom Nicole called "Driftwood" because of... well, you know), Al Cowlings, Denise Brown, Paula Barbieri, baby pictures, O.J.'s high school and college pictures, O.J. with rickets as a child, tons of negatives, etc., and all this with an ex-wife of one of the biggest rock stars that ever lived arguing with me, both of us tipsy on wine, telling me that I'm "notthe reason O.J. Simpson went to prison." And, yes, IAMname droppin'. Because this is a military-style operation, using everything I got, all guns blazing, with the devil in the details, and virtue in the truth, all in the merciful and humanitarian name of saving life through art.

In regard to the legal rights of the photos, it's my understanding that no police reports were ever filed (O.J. has stated, from what I've read, that he believes Mike Gilbert, O.J.'s ex-agent and once a close confidant, stole items from this storage locker once held in Simpson's mother's name). Further, the FBI (whom I've spoken to many times) has called the photos a civil matter. I have a complete chain of custody, including a notarization of the sale. Also, the previous owner consulted with an intellectual property attorney who advised, based on his research, combined with the documentation, that the archive is of clear and legal title.

As one might guess, I can't show the photos online, while on the other hand I certainly don't expect anyone to purchase without seeing the goods beforehand. Fortunately, in regards to viewing, authenticating and purchasing the actual pictures in this difficult sale, allows a buyer to contact a seller by phone before and/or after they've bought. A buyer can find a seller's phone number in three places on :

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Finally, Thomas Riccio, whom I've met along with a few other of the big O.J. players, wrote in his book, "When it comes to O.J. Simpson, 99 percent of the publicity is bad." F. Lee Bailey, now bankrupt and disbarred, said, "People at every level, judges on down, pointed the finger and said, "If you hadn't prostituted your talents for this guy, he would have gone to jail."

Yes, buyer beware. For the O.J. curse could still get us both.

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