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White House Richard Nixon Dwight Eisenhower Moscow Kitchen Debate 1959 RAREST For Sale

White House Richard Nixon Dwight Eisenhower Moscow Kitchen Debate 1959 RAREST

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White House Richard Nixon Dwight Eisenhower Moscow Kitchen Debate 1959 RAREST:

The Password "Mir i druzbha " translates from Russian to English-- "Peace and Friendship"

I have only seen two others of these surface. One Hans Tuch who was at the embassy in Moscow, held now by the US Diplomacy Center and the second was sent to photographer Elliott Erwitt who took the picture on the certificate. Erwitt found out that Nixon was using the image on his campaign posters for President. Erwitt was a Kennedy supporter and complained about the use of the photograph. Nixon sent him a Kitchen Cabinet signed certificate.

In July of 1959 Vice President visited Moscow and engaged in a debate with Nikita Khrushchevin an American kitchen about socialism vs Capitalism. He attended this cultural exchange in Moscow with around 35 other Americans. That entourage included Sanford Fox who at that time was in the CIA. Fox headed a department that analyzed U-2 photographs and Fox was part of a CIA contingent that briefed President Eisenhower daily.

Television in the United States covered this on all networks and became a big deal, known as the "Kitchen Debate". The traveling group was very aware of the great success of the trip. On the return trip between Warsaw and Iceland as the certificate says they formed a tongue in cheek group called the Vice Presidents "Kitchen Cabinet". The certificates were prepared by Sanford Fox who was an expert Calligrapher at the request of VP Nixon. Mr. Fox filled in the names of each person in original caliigraphy including some members of the Press who were to receive one and Nixon signed each one of them. Nixon was well aware of his problems with the press and felt this would memorializethe trip (He spoke of this later in a June 1972 memo to HR Halderman regarding doing the same for reporters who accompanied him to Moscow and China as president)

This is obviously very rare. I contacted the Nixon library and they told me some time ago they did not have one. Certificate in frame approximately 17/1/2 by 13 1/2

This is from the Sanford Fox collection who headed the social office at the White House Kennedy-Ford. Mr. Fox was in the CIA at this time. 2 months after returning from this trip to Moscow, Fox went to the White House and strangely enough his first state dinner was NikitaKhrushchev.

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