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Golden Gate Grinders 2.5" Smoke Crusher Aluminum Tobacco Spice Grinder - Black For Sale

Golden Gate Grinders 2.5

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Golden Gate Grinders 2.5" Smoke Crusher Aluminum Tobacco Spice Grinder - Black:

Listing TemplateGolden Gate Grinders 2.5" Pollen Catcher + Scraper 4 Piece TobaccoGrinder - Black Product Details

PRODUCT FEATURES🏆Highest Quality: Our large grinder kit is made from one piece of max strength aircraft grade aluminum. It is all one piece, you'll find it won't fall apart and will be indestructible! Our collection chamber is uniquely very deep and our pollen chamber screws in so nothing spills out!
💎Sharp Diamond Cutting Teeth: Our grinders feature 26 super sharp, well designed, correctly placed diamond shaped teeth for the best grind that doesn’t rip or shred. The textured sides on the lid give the best slide free grip when grinding your spices that are silent, smooth & quiet.
🍃Consistent Fine Grind: Our mesh filter doesn't have random sized holes. It's the correct micron size mesh to filter out the matter and only collects high quality spice in the pollen chamber. We hold our mesh in place underneath with a steel ring (not plastic).
🧲Powerful Neodymium Magnets: Our heavy duty neodymium magnets make sure the lid is kept on. It also helps with the freshness & odor control. The thin poly O-ring allows smooth grindings & less friction.
✌️About Golden Gate Grinders: The home of the best damn grinder mill anywhere! We are not just manufacturers, we are users who decided to create our own high quality grinders at a good price. We hate cheap grinders so we made ours with the best materials to prevent them from falling apart or having metal shavings in them. We constantly upgrade our design based on customer response to users to be the best!

We Truly Understand What You Need from a Grinder:-

Golden Gate Grinders has built up a loyal following ofTobaccogrinder users who see the difference in our grinders from the second they arrive. From the precision milling of a single piece of aluminum to the diamond sharp teeth; the thin poly O-ring, to the pollen catcher and scraper, there are so many reasons why our aeronautical grade aluminum grinders are superior. But the primary one? We truly understand what you need from a grinder, and make sure you’re happy with it, with our lifetime warranty. If you want the best quality product, from a team of people who only designed their grinders because they wished they already existed and wanted to use them themselves, come join the tribe.


  • Highest Quality
  • Aluminum Grade
  • Powerful Magnets
  • Sharp Cutting Teeth
  • Heavy Duty Craftsmanship
  • World-Class Customer Service
  • Precision Manufacturing Consistent
  • Deep Collection It Chamber More No Spillage

We're very proud to present our top quality grinder. When you buy a Golden Gate Grinder, you're not only buying a grinder with proven sales. You are also buying years of experience and craftsmanship. This high standard is WHY we can offer a lifetime commitment. This grinder is made from one piece of aluminum. Grinders that are a different color and have silver teeth are made from many pieces that are pressed and glued.

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