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According to the modern ascetics that I had been learning in my entry level 2-D and 3-D design classes this little piece was unbalanced and out of proportions. And yet it works as a beautiful piece of art. How could this be? What I eventually figured out is that tension makes this piece work. Allow me to explain. At first glance, both Anubis and the priest are leaning backwards. My instincts and my teachers were telling me that this should make them both feel as though they are falling off the piece. It should feel uncomfortable to look at. I believe that it is the tension that the leaning creates that holds the piece together. It's almost as if an invisible string runs from Anubis's hand to the priest pulling them together. Not only that, it highlights them as the main players in this scene. The cobras and the hieroglyph covered base are secondary to the theme of a priest making an offering to Anubis. This may not be indicative of all Egyptian art but it was a wonderful lesson for me as a freshmen art student.

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