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Stairway Project



. . . . Our staircase is 16' high, 12' long and 3' wide, a real decorating dilemma. Once again I looked to ancient Egypt for my design ideas. I had been on only a few stairways in ancient Egyptian buildings. Those in the tombs of the Valley of the Kings and Queens are surely magnificent, As tempting as a project of that magnitude would be, I did not have the time or money to spend on detailed wall murals. The stairs at the Temple of Dendera were interesting and an architectural marvel in themselves, but my recollection of going up these steps is mainly one of walking in darkness.

. . . . The "Grand Gallery" of the Great Pyramid made the biggest impression on me. It is constructed of massive blocks of stone that fit tightly together. They are relatively smooth with no decoration on them. This gallery was one of the architectural breakthrough that allowed the Egyptians to build true pyramids without them collapsing under their own weight. That was my inspiration, it would be a wonderful transition from our ordinary home into our Egyptian inspired basement.

The Grand Gallery at Pyramid Acres

The Grand Gallery at Giza



The Project Begins.

An otherwise ordinary set of stairs


During Construction.

2' x 4 ' sheet rock panels are added to the walls. These panels will be spackeled and painted to look like blocks stone. They are large, somewhat out of scale for this space. I wanted these blocks to give me the feeling I had in the great Pyramid of Giza. The feeling of being quite small and insignificant next to these massive stone blocks.



The bottom step was extended to create a platform to transition between the steps and the floor. The wooden steps were sponge painted to match the floor and a carpet runner was added.

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